What job should you have? (1)

What job should you have? (1)

Find out what you should go to college for? It could be totally different than you thought!!

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Do you want to have kids?

Maybe im thinking about it
No way too expensive
Yes totally i love kids
Well that depends on the man/woman im dating
Probably so

Can you lie really good?

Yes I am an expert
Yeah im pretty good
I dont like to lie but if i HAD to i would
not really
No i suck at lying

Are you good at making decisions?

Yes i always think im right
Not really
No way i like other peoples

Do you plan on making LOTS of money!

Yes I want to be rich!!!
Yes but not too much!
Not really i just want to have an average life
No not at all I hate rich people

Do you like taking orders from other people?

Yes im fine with it
Not really
No im the boss