are you gentle or nasty

are you gentle or nasty

you want to know what the peoples around you think of you? This is a quiz for you! :)

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Are you selfish?

NO! I think i'm really generous.
Hum... maybe a little...
It's not be selfish! I'm just really more important than the other!

you think you're more beautiful than..

I think i'm pretty, but like everybody
Nobody! I don't like my face...
All the world!!! I'm the most beautiful person! And i tell everybody!

You're invited to a party but not your best friend. What do you do?

I go nowhere without her!
I do everything to make her invite.
I go! Don't mind of her!
I say her I don't go, but the next day she learns I went to the party.

When your friend buy erroneously the same shirt as you. What's your reaction?

We are twins!
just don't care

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, I'm really in love with him!
No! All the boys are stupid!
yes, because he is very rich and he pays de cinema!

Why do you like your best friend?

Because she is my confident and she always understand me!
I don't have friends...
I don't like her, but she don't know so whatever!