Imagine you were in the book world.

Imagine you were in the book world.

I will tell you your life for all three famous books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson. Hope you enjoy!

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Your opinion on Annabeth (from the Percy Jackson series!):

She's cool. More of a sidekick than a hero, but she helps
Percy a lot.
Oh, please! She thinks she's so great for being chosen
for a lot of quests. >:(
My BFF! I love her sarcastic personality! She's the smart
one, daughter of Athena! :D You have to give her
credit for that!
I guess she's OK. She's not the nicest and she's kind of
bossy. :(
Haven't read Percy Jackson.

What kind of books do you like to read? Like, genres.

Friendship (Then I would recommend Dork Diaries and Allie Finkle's rules for girls)
Adventure (Then I would recommend Mysterious Benedict Society or The Penderwicks)
Mystery (Then I would recommend The Name of this Book is Secret)
Realistic fiction, make it funny (Then I would recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate)

You are in a dark room. There are only four exits, all of them are doors. Which door do you choose?
The foggy, black triangle
The sparkly, orange oval
The tall, green rectangle
Or The shiny, turquoise trapezoid
Which one do you enter?

The foggy, black triangle
The sparkly, orange oval
The tall, green rectangle
The shiny, turquoise trapezoid

Here on Qfeast, what do you like to use the most? (Not including Polls, sorry.)

Quizzes, because I like learning new things about myself.
Pages, where I can write my feeling anonymously.
Stories, because I love reading.
Questions, since I am curious about the world.

What's your favorite boy's name out of these?

Andrew (or Drew)

In your classroom, you're the one who...

Keeps to her/himself, and never raises her hand.
Is the class clown. :P
Laughs at the class clown's jokes.
Raises his/her hand constantly.

"On your mark. Get set. GO!" You speed off into the woods. The Hunger Games has officially begun.

Climb a tree and hide. Take a chance to calm down!
Wait until the coast is clear, then open your backpack.
Make tons of allies; that way you'll be safer. Then set
off with the career pack and hope they don't kill you.
Dive in a bush and wait for a few minutes and calm
down. Then shoot an animal and cook it over a fire.
Join the career pack! Duh! I came here for adventure.
No adventure without killing! I mean, come ON!
I haven't read Hunger Games.

(I know I like to ask this question a lot.) What do you like to do in your free time?

Spy on my friends. Stalk my crush. (Me: lol!)
Read, write, anything creative.
Draw. <3

What house do you value the most from Harry Potter? Which one sounds like you? Guess which house you'll be sorted into.

Gryffindor, because of their brave quality. Gryffindors are
strong, not weak, and they are very bold, they don't
just hide in the shadows.
Ravenclaw, because of their creative spirit. Ravenclaws
are wise, they make good friends, and they are so
unique and inspiring!
Hufflepuff, because of their loyal trait. Hufflepuffs never
betray anyone! Hufflepuffs are also shy, but shyness can
be a good thing.
Slytherin, because they are smart and secretive. If they
think the secret is important, they'll keep it to
Haven't read Harry Potter

What's your favorite girl names out of these?