What desert are you

What desert are you

find out what dessert you are. like ice-cream chocolate cake sponge cake or chocolate biscuit cake

published on November 09, 201322 responses 5
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are you a girly girl or a tom boy

girly girl. defo like!!!
tom boy obviosly
am I don't really know any

which do you prefer books or hurling?

books there my life
hurling defo I wouldn't read a book to save my life
I don't really like any of them but if I had to choose it would be hurling

do you like it so far

yes its so easy
its ok not excellent but not bad either
yes its alright
no not really

do you eat dessert that much

no only on occasions
yes I always have ice-cream after dinner with chocolate sauce
sometimes I have cake if its there
well I have sweets or chocolate after dinner f that counts

what is your favourite dessert

ice-cream definetaly
ammmm chocolate biscuit cake
chocolate cake is mine anyway
neither of the above I like all of them but neither of them is my favourite

do you have a sweet tooth

yes and I have it a long time
I don't really no but I don't think so