Which Lord of the Rings evil character are you?

Which Lord of the Rings evil character are you?

I thought this quiz would be a lighthearted way to think about our weaknesses and struggles with sin. By seeing what Lord of the Rings evil character or monster we are most like, we can see what our sins look like and ask God to help us, transform us, and give us strength to resist sin.

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There is a zombie apocalypse, and you find yourself one of only a couple thousand people still alive in the country. What do you do?

Loot the stores and take everything I've always wanted.
Gorge yourself on McDonalds fries and Dairy Queen blizzards as long as you can.
Your friend declares himself as president, and you become his personal bodyguard and servant.
Proclaim yourself ruler of all remaining humankind. Everyone shall now serve you as king.
Stockpile gold so that when civilization begins again you will be the richest person on earth.
Let others get eaten by zombies. I don't care. I'm getting back to my novel.
You know you have a shotgun which might help protect you from zombies, but it's all the way upstairs. Not worth the effort.
You go into a blind rage so that you shoot anyone who gets to close, zombie or human.

Your friend asks for help cleaning out his garage. What are you most likely to do?

Say you will help him tomorrow, but then do not actually show up.
Slap him and spit in his face because another friend said that you should.
Ridicule your friend for the next hour about how he has to do this chore and you don't.
Offer to help. But while you clean the garage, you search for hidden treasures you might be able to take and sell on ebay.
Fly into a rage and berate your friend for asking something like this of you.
Tell your friend you will help him if he helps you clean your house. You skillfully make it sound like it's an equal deal even though you know your house will take 10 times longer to clean.
You completely ignore this person and continue to walk your way.

You see an ant crossing the road. What do you do?

Yell at it in anger.
Eat it.
Squish it with relish.
Keep picking it up and bringing it back to where it started from so that it can never make it across.
Hold a magnifying glass over it to laser it with sunshine.
Proclaim to it how small it is compared to you, and how you have complete power over its life and death.
Trap it and keep it for yourself in a cage so you can stare at it whenever you want.
Step on it without a 2nd thought and keep on your way.
Drown it in water because of peer pressure.

You are an evil dictator and at war with another country. What will you do?

Have your tech people hack into the enemies' computers to discover their plans.
Stockpile weapons, diamonds, and money as the war might go long.
Write up a peace treaty that sounds good on paper but really has you making out like a bandit compared to the other country.
Set up a peace summit, but while there you plan to secretly poison the other country's president.
Do whatever your advisor tells you to do. You don't have any good ideas of your own.
You care not for the other country nor your own people. Let them all nuke each other for all you care.
Being a leader is too hard. I'm going to the bar and getting a beer.

Your boss asks you to work overtime this week. What are you most likely to do?

Tell him you will work. But then while you are supposed to be working you play video games most of the time.
You do the work but you spend most of the time staring at any of the beautiful customers.
Tell him you will work. But at the end of each work day, you embezzle a bit of money.
Say you will, but then you spy on your boss to see if he is really working hard himself or not.
You are upset, so you burn down your work building.
You agree, but over the next week whenever you see your boss you complain about this to his face.
You don't care if you have to work extra as long as your boss provides some extra pizzas and ice cream for you.
You jump at the chance to work overtime, as it means getting paid at the increased overtime wage. Who cares if it means abandoning your family this week.
In frustration at this request, you punch a hole into the wall.
Say you will do it only if he puts you in charge of all of the other grunts at work forevermore.
In response, you quit your job. Life is so much easier just sitting and watching TV at home.
You say yes, but you feel like your life is hopeless and you mope around all week.
In response, you moon your boss, because your coworker said it would be a good idea.
You agree but only on the condition that your boss promote you, raise your wages, and give you health insurance. You talk about this in such a sneaky way that your boss still feels like he got a good deal.
In anger, you kick your boss 20 times.
You totally ignore your boss and act as if he never asked you anything.

You want to get revenge on an enemy. What might you do?

Steal all of his dishes and household goods.
Punch him as hard as you can.
Go over to his house and eat all of his food.
Tackle him, put him in chains, and make him your slave to do all of your work for you.
Seduce his/her wife/husband.
You will do nothing. You can't think of anything that will make you feel better. It's hopeless.
Light his pants on fire.
Kick at him and yell at him in an angry rage.
Set up your phone so that it will automatically call this person every 5 minutes with an annoying recording of you screaming.

What class would you choose to go to?

Spycraft 101
Investment Banking
Doomsday Predictions
Seducing a Mate
Learn to be in Control
Starting Fires
People Pleasing
Cooking with Butter

If you were trapped in prison, what would you do?

Talk the guards into letting you out.
Cry yourself to sleep every night without hope.
Try to pry open the bars with your hands.
Work on digging a tunnel with your cellmate. But then snitch on him to the warden so that you get a reduced sentence.
Start your bed on fire to force an evacuation.
Listen to the guards talk together to try to come up with ideas for how an escape could work.
Call the guards names constantly, hoping that they get tired of you and let you out.
Just enjoy the secret daydreams and fantasies in your head about the lover you will never have.

Which object sounds like something that most fits your personality, something you'd want?

Letter of advice from a friend
A whip
A megaphone
A depressing poem
A throne
A ruby
A telephone
A phone tapping device
Book about making oneself physically attractive

While at a restaurant you see a woman at another table eating her food. Suddenly a man runs past her and steals her purse and runs towards the door. What are you most likely to do?

You feel a desire to help, but the man is running fast. You decide its less work to just stay in your seat.
You stay in your seat and enjoy hearing the reactions of other tables and customers to this incident, as you strain to hear all of their conversations.
You look at the situation and feel totally helpless. There is no hope in catching the man, so you go back to eating.
You realize the theft does not actually affect your meal, so you keep on enjoying your meal, and order another entrée.
While the lady screams for help, you go over to her table and light her napkin on fire.
You just sit and gaze at the woman, longing for her affections.
You dislike the woman's screams, so you get up and smash her table into bits.
While everyone in the restaurant is distracted by the thief, you take the opportunity to quietly empty out the cash register.
You stand up and proclaim that you are in complete control of the situation. You tell each person what they should do to catch the thief. But you use your authority to make a bunch of people do personal chores and errands for you.

What movie resonates with you in feeling or in plot?

Wall Street
Office Space
Ocean's 11
The Social Network
Spy Game
The King's Speech
No Country for Old Men

A person you very much dislike is coming down the road, what do you do?

Take a walk behind her and kick rocks at her periodically and repeatedly throw little twigs at her back, all the while pretending you are doing nothing.
Just continue doing what I had planned. He is insignificant.
Jump in front of her and yell at her for 30 minutes about how much you dislike her and how you think she is stupid.
It would be fun to go outside the house and yell at him, but that is too much work. Rather go back to bed...
Sneakily walk behind him and pick his pockets to steal his wallet.
Go out and talk to her and pretend to reconcile with her. But just when she is ready to hug you in forgiveness, push her down into the mud.