Is your crush made for you?

Is your crush made for you?

Find out if you and your crush are compatible and can be together or not....

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Does your crush have a girlfriend/boyfriend ?


Is there away where you can keep in touch with him over the weekend?

Yep we talk on the internet/phone all weekend
unfortunately there isn't a way

Do you know much about your crush?

Yes I know almost everything
No I know nothing

Do you make him laugh or does he make you laugh?

He makes me laugh all the time
I always make him laugh

Does he talk to you allot?

Not at all
Most of the time yes

Are you a shy or confident person?

Deffo Confident Eyes are always on me
Very shy
Both I'm not that shy but I'm not that confident

Why do like your crush?

Obivously He's good looking
He's personality
He's smart
He has good fashion sense
All of them above (not including the one below)
No reason he's just the right guy for me

Is he hot?

Yes everybody loves him
No nobody likes him so i'm too embarrassed to tell