Harry Potter Hogwarts Sorting Hat Test

Harry Potter Hogwarts Sorting Hat Test

Which Hogwarts house do you belong in? Take this quiz and find out! The answer may surprise you!

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You see someone getting mugged in an alleyway. What do you do?

Walk away like you didn't notice (don't get involved)
Run in and help the victim
Run in and help the victim if you know them personally
Call the police
Call the police and then run in and help the victim

You find a stray pet outside in your neighborhood, what do you do?

Leave it be
Give it some food
Take it home and keep it as a pet
Try to return it to its owner
Bring it to an animal shelter

Which pets suits you the most?


What colors do you like?

Gold or silver
Blue, red, green, etc.

Which position would you prefer on the quiddage team?

Any of them

If you could control one of these elements, which would you choose?

Gas (air)
Solid (earth)
Liquid (water)
Plasma (fire)

Which foods do you prefer?

Pizza, cookies, etc.
Parfaits, creme brulee, etc.

If you were a wizard, what would be the first thing you would do?

Learn a bunch of cool stuff
Learn a curse to use on someone you don't like
Discover a bunch of magical species
Ride a broomstick