Which LPS Popular character are you? (1)

Which LPS Popular character are you? (1)

Find out if you are sweet Savannah, Bratty Brooke, Angelina, Genny, Rachel, Sage, Tom or Alicia! If you dislike any character you get, read my comment below :) DEDICATED TO SOPHIEGTV You are one of the greatest LPSTuber alive! :-)

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If there was a new kid at your school, what would you do to her?

Laugh at them. Their outfit looks like it came from Target!
Say hello to them and become friends
Shove them into the wall and call her a mean name
Ask them out
Greet them with a smile and invite them to sit with you at lunch

What is your favorite color

Blue is cool!
I guess silver...
A bright and sunny color, like yellow!
Maybe a golden color, it matches my fur ^-^

What is your favorite food?

Cake!! No wait, Ice cream! NOO! Cookies!!!

It appears we have a struggle :P
Some bone treats. Yummy
Fruit! I like the sweetness! Reminds me of my girl/boyfriend ;)
Perhaps a small meal like water and apples
Coffee with whip cream! Yummy!
I don't eat!
I don't know...:l

What would you do if your worst enemy invited the whole school to her party?

Are you serious? I AM the hostess of the party!
Avoid her!
Spend time away from the hostess
Dance like the world is spinning!
Find your date and dance!
Stay with your two friends away from the hostess!
Hope your girl/boyfriend isn't cheating!

What do you hate the most?

That stupid sausage!!!
When people are mean!
Two Timers!
When I have to do mean things to my BFF's worst enemy.
People being mean to your friend
Not being able to eat sugar. AWW!!!
When Brooke picks on you and your friends.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Rich and famous!
Professional surfer!
Princess of Candy Land!
A millionaire
A librarian
Fashion Model
Traveling the world!

How would you describe your style?

Smart and sweet
Are you kidding! I am beyond beautiful!
Sporty and preppy
Really cool!
Nice and pretty!

Choose one word that describes you.


What is your BIGGEST fear?

Being fat or overweight!
Brooke when she yells at me :(
Savanah cheating on me
Failing my tests
When someone is being bullied by Brooke
Ugly outfits
Fruit Cake!

What do you love the most?

Being pretty!
My reflection
Playing football!
Shopping at the mall! EEEK!
Smiling at boys

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

All the world's shoes that are my size!
A tiara and dress made out of jelly beans!
An autographed Pittsburgh Steelers jersey by your choice of player!
A girl/boyfriend :(
Cute clothing from Hollister
To be prettier than Brooke :P
For Brooke being nice!

If you could shop anywhere, where would it be?

Dunham's Sports
The Mall
Office Max or Half Price Books
Sarris Candies! YAAAY!!!
I don't shop :P
A jewelry store

Where do you want to live when your older?

I'm obviously living in a mansion!
I want to live in a condo in Italy.
A cardboard box. JUST KIDDING! Maybe a cool house with a huge backyard bigger than a football field!
A castle!
A house with books!
In outer space XD
The Mall :D

What do you say in the mirror?

I don't look in the mirror -_-
What are you looking at?
Nothing. I just kiss my reflection like its Sage <3
I need a new wardrobe...
I look pretty
I feel like a princess

Its a Saturday afternoon. No chores, birthday parties or anything else. What do you do?

Text my friends
Shopping spree?
Video games
Play football with your friends.
Eat candy XD YAY!
Cuddle up near the fireplace and read.
Dance in front of the mirror
Ask mom or dad to play a board game with you.

What is your favorite song?

Popular by Girls Love Shoes
Courage by Super chick
Only girl in the world by Rihanna
Rude boy by Rihanna
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Move like Jaggar
World is mine by Hatsune Miku
SpongeBob Theme song by SpongeBob (lol)

What is your favorite thing about school?

Being with my girl/boyfriend
Showing off my beauty <3
Making out with my boy/girlfriend ^-^
Hanging out with my BFFs
Probably all subjects...