Are You A Stalker? (1)

Are You A Stalker? (1)

Are you a stalker?... Take this quiz and find out if you are a stalker... Enjoy:)

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You go shopping with you you?...

Stay with your mom
Go off on you own and look around
Look around for someone you know and if you find someone follow them around until they notice you
Follow random strangers around

If you have a crush on someone do you?...

Nothing if its meant to be it will happen
Watch them in their sleep, watch their every move, keep tabs on every single thing they do, etc.
Have you friends keep tabs on them and then tell you about them and whats going on with them

You crush is having a party and you weren't invited you...

Show up anyways and hunt them down and see why they didn't invite you
Noting, stay home, find someone else to hang with, find a different party to go to, etc.
Drive or walk up in down the road constantly until the partys over
Send you friends over there

What do you do in your free time?

Be alone
Hang with friend or bf/gf
Go somewhere and follow people around
Look through your neighbors window

You ask you friend if they want to hang out later, but they say they have to stay home... do you...

Believe them
Follow them to make sure they are telling the truth
Check their facebook, twitter, etc. constantly to make sure they are telling the truth

You see a hot guy/girl while your shopping do you...

Follow them around
Try to make them notice you/ whistle at them, make a comment
Nothing you are probably never going to see them again
Go up and talk to them
Have your friend go talk to them for you

Do you friends every call you a stalker?

Yes but they are just playing around

Do you do anything to make anyone think that you are a stalker?

Yes all the time
No never

Last question, do you think that you are a stalker?

Maybe... just a little bit