Which Greek God or Goddess suits you best?

Which Greek God or Goddess suits you best?

Boys and girls; find out which greek god or goddess resembles you! Learn who suits you.. PS: this is my first quiz and thanks for taking it!!!

published on November 02, 2013113 responses 51
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You are a

None of the above

During the holidays you are free to do what you want, what do you most want to do?

During the holidays you are free to do what you want, what do you most want to do?
Keep your closed ones company because they are sick, tired and can't do what you want to do
Go to the sea or nearest swimming pool or wherever cause its been so long since you haven't gone for a good swim
You will go to the parlor or do things to enhance your beauty because it's the holidays and you need to look nice first
Do what you want and lazy around cause you care less about people around you
It's the perfect start to have a date with your boyfriend and be a lovely couple
I would love to form a group and go around on motorbikes and be part of a group of youngsters who take life as it comes and are so cool !!!

I am

Loyal and responsible
I am a good person but sometimes wish to be myself and act as i please
not lenient on those who mess with me! I won't hesitate to hurt those who hurt me with my fists or words
multi-talented (that is what i think at least!!)

People who don't understand me are

my parents
my friends because they are not too good of an influence too
my classmates because i don't like them

My favorite power is:

Darkness and light
Seducing and tempting others
I believe an organized plan will overcome any thing because winning is not based on power but strategy
Supernatural physical strength

Are you in love?

Are you in love?
Yes madly in love!!
I was but i'm unsure if this is truly love now
No i don't think i want to have a taste of love so soon
looking forward to loving someone but i wish to find the best partner and get to have a long lasting relationship
What love??? this is just bullshit, i wish to slap any boy who makes advances or any girl who flutters at the sight of men
Education and work comes before love! I wish to settle down first

When i see that i don't match with the results after taking this short personality test my reaction will be:

What the.. i knew this was annoying
I'm gonna comment and say that this is nothing good
Results good or not accurate, i can vote for the person to see where she stands
I will not lie and say it was either good or bad!!!
What nonsense, i knew this was troublesome and i will just feel like punching her if the results are not accurate
is this a personality test???!!

Which element is better??


Troubles and hardships are better dealt

Troubles and hardships are better dealt
together with the one and only person i love
with my family
using my brain
using my fists *sighs* once again my fists have to talk!!

My greatest attribute in a world full of mythical creatures will be

My greatest attribute in a world full of mythical creatures will be
any weapons to attack and defend
intelligence and wisdom to protect, defend and help planning counter-attacks
A trident to attack, defend and feed myself and others (isn't it a fork after all??)
my charm or beauty cause i can do anything with it!!
understanding other creatures, discovering new things, learning how to cooperate
playing pranks and being careless cause i would be a creature with powers allowing my freedom (things i want!!)
being powerful and caring for my loved ones.. it would be nice to fall in love with someone I'm not supposed to (like in fairy tales, movies and fantasy books!!)