are you pretty or pretty ugly

are you pretty or pretty ugly

just be your slef and you will see if you are pretty or pretty ugly but i am not talking your whole life cause you can CHANGE

published on July 13, 2011210 responses 63
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in the morning

in the morning i put so much makeup on its not funny
i don't put makup on
i put a little makup on

in the arvo

i take it all off ( makeup)
i put more on (makeup)
i leave it (makeup)

if you are going to church

i put on some resable clothers for church again leave makeup
put on very fancy clothers and more and lots more makeup on
leave school clothers on and put alittle more makeup on

if you go out to dinner

wipe off ALL makeup off and put some more on and change clothers in to fancy clothers
put alittle more makeup on and dress up alttle
put lots more makeup on and get your fancest clothers out and wear then even to mac

if you were going to your school fomal

put 2 hours more makeup on and wear the brightest matching top and pants
put some more makup on and get out a nice dress to wear
wipe makeup off and put some on and where a nice but fancey dress