What Fruit Are You (1)

What Fruit Are You (1)

If You Want To Know What Kind Of Fruit You Are Go Ahead And Do This Quiz

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In your spare time what do you like to do?

Stalk People
Hang Out With Friends
Play In The Park
Follow Random Strangers till they feel awkward and look at you
Run Around Hitting People

If an elderly person dropped their money what would you do?

Help them pick up their money
walk away and feel bad afterwards
help them but take some for yourself and a gift for helping
walk away and not have a care in the world
help them and ask them if they need anything else

What is your favourite Fruit?

What is your favourite Fruit?

If Someone Was Looking At Your Test During An Exam What Would You do?

Shout at them and tell them if they look again you would cut out their eyeballs
let them cheat off you
cover your work
turn your table around
Tell the Teacher
Cheat Off Them

If Someone asked you for directions what would you do/say?

yeah sure i'll show you and take them to their destination
sorry i don't know where that is then head in that direction
give the person the longer route to their destination
give them the directions and carry on with what you are doing
Carry On Walking And At Like You Didnt Hear The Person