Are you pretty or good looking?xx

Are you pretty or good looking?xx

Girls- Wanna know if your pretty?xxxx Boys- Wanna know if your good looking?xxxx Then try out my quiz to see....

published on October 31, 201343 responses 11
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A boy/Girl asks you to come to a party with them, you say yes, what do you wear?xxxx

A cute dress for girls and a pair of nice jeans with a white top for boys
Jeans and a pretty/smart top (boys&girls)
Flip flops, Jeans and a top (boys&girls)

You have a pretty/hot girlfriend or boyfriend, do you make them act who YOU want them to be or do you let them be who they are?xxx

I make them be who I want them to be so, they don't embarress me of make me act dumber than them or somen.
I tell them some things to talk to people about but, let her/him be who they want to be.
He/She will never embarress me so, I'll let them be who they want to be. It's not my choice, is it?

Whats your favourite colour?xxxx

Dark colours the whole way
Bright colours....!!!!
Anything from red to blue in the rainbow tbh

Everyone knows who you are, do you hide from them?xxx

NO, I'm not uncomfortable around people.
Yeahh, I feel so uncomfortable around people because I'm ugly....
I don't know... some times but it rarely happens!!!!

Easiest one....
What do you think of yourself???? xxxx

defo ugly....
Alright, not perfect....