Which Bleach Faction do you belong to?

Which Bleach Faction do you belong to?

Created for BR to help decide which Faction you belong to. Please do not decide based on this quiz. This is to help, not pick for you. Have fun!

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If traveling down a street, you come across a hundred dollar bill on the ground. What do you do?

Take it for myself. They don't deserve it if they lose it so easily.
Pick it up, and ask around to see if anyone dropped it. If you can't find anyone nearby, just put it in your pocket and walk away.
Step on it, and walk away. You don't need something like money to be happy.
Take the bill to the nearist lost and found or police station, reporting where you found it. It isn't yours and the owner could really be missing it.
Pick it up and place it into a homeless man's cup. He needs it more than you do.

Suddenly someone bumps into you very hard, walking past you without even a sorry. What do you do?

Turn around and hit him in the back of the neck. Its go time.
Ask the man to appologize immediatly. If he doesn't then teach him a quick lesson in etiquet.
Say nothing and walk away. He isn't worth your time.
Turn your head around only half way, saying something sarcastic. Walk away knowing that your better than him.
Bow to him in an appology, you weren't looking where you were going.

If faced with an enemy, what types of weapons or tactics do you use?

Powerful spells and a companion that will show anyone they are not to be messed with.
An asortment of weapons, mainly long-range like bows. No one will escape your sight.
Anything that will destroy your opponent in the most pleasing way. They are only for your amusement.
Destroy them with your sear amount of intellect and brute power. They are no mach for you.
Using any tactics and adapt to their strengths and weaknesses.They may be stronger in body and mind. Though they will not overcome the strength of your will.

You have a family member who is being very troublesome. How do you handle it?

Confrount him immediatly. If he/she doesn't listen to you, just kill him/her and take their stuff.
Go to them try to see if there is anything you can do to help them. Family is very important.
They are family, so you first ask around and see if there is something wrong that you can fix from behind the scenes.
Slap him/her to get over it or else. Nothing is more bothersome than a family member that is being a prick.
Ignore them, just continue your day as normal. If they become annoying to you, talk to your parents and try to coopperate on something to do.

What is your favorite Faction?


As your walking by, you see a group of people start beating up on some bum for kicks. What do you do?

Stand between the bum and the group of punks, telling to knock it off. If they want to fight, you will.
Join in with the group, kicking bums is a great past time.
Just walk past them, they are just scum picking on scum to make themselves feel better. Doesn't concern you.
Immediatly start fighting them. Even if they out number you, they can not get away with this.
Walk up to them, while taking out your cell phone. Tell them that your calling the police if they don't leave immediatly.

You are given a task by your commander to kill your best friend. What do you do?

Kill them without another thought. You just needed a reason to kill him/her.
Confront the person you were tasked to kill, and make a plan to make it seem she/he died. Though have them escape.
Do as you were ordered. You trust your commander's reasoning and see that they breath no longer.
Confront your Commander, and get the reason for such an order. You don't want to kill him/her.
Fight your friend, and let them know why. If they must die, they will do it while given the chance to live.

You come home to see that everything is in ruin. What do you do?

Run to your parents to see what happened. Also ask if there is anything you can do.
Just another day. It comes with being hated, and you just laugh while you plot revenge.
Immeditatly hunt down who did this. They will pay the highest price for destroying your home.
Do nothing important, just fix up your place. You needed to redo that TV room anyway.
Call the police immediatly and start to do an investigation on who did this. They will pay with the swift hammer of justice.

Your working on a personal project when someone comes in and interrupts. What do you do?

Tell them to piss off, your busy right now.
Take a break from your work and see what they want. Feeling annoyed.
Stop what your doing and see what they need from you. Feeling needed and wanted you do your best.
Take a moment from your project, and ask what they want. Feeling curious.
You ask them to wait a moment while you quickly wrap up what your doing. Feeling rushed.

What is your favorite color?

White. Nothing is more fashionable.
Light blue and white. Just feels right.
Can never go wrong with black.
Anything I'm feeling like, ok?
I like them all, I don't have a preference.

Finally, what hobbies do you have?

Collecting anything thats very interesting.
Making explosions. There is nothing like it.
I just do what I feel like at the time.
Destroying evil, what else do you need?
Participating in after school activities.