Which Mahou Shounen Fight boy are you?

Which Mahou Shounen Fight boy are you?

Find out which Mahou Shounen fight boy you are! Check out this awesome webcomic today!

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If you were going to be in a show, you would rather be-

A costume designer
The star, of course!
Technical manager

Your ideal partner is-

Someone drop dead gorgeous, and with a sweet personality
Someone kind and nurturing, wholl treat you with warmth
Someone shy and quiet, wholl be with you through thick and thin
Someone smart and sassy, wholl make sure to show you an interesting time

Your greatest pride is your-

Superior looks and charm
Cunning and skill
unusual talent
normalcy-You dont seem to excell in any one area

If you won three million dollars, the first thing youd do would be-

to invest in some stable long term stocks
To treat yourself to something nice, like a big vacation, then put the rest in your bank account
Give some to charity, spend some on a party for you and your friends, and gamble on some risky stocks, putting the remainder in your bank
Spend it on food, women, and fun!

Your greatest flaw is your-

Aloof personality

Your favorite TV show is-

The Jersey Shore
The Martha Stewart Show
I don't watch much TV

Your idol(s) is/are-

Hugh Hefner
The Shinsengumi
Abraham Lincoln
Louis Vuitton

You're favorite food is-

Chicken Vindaloo