What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

This is a quiz to see what your inner fear is. It actually might help you out with few thangs.

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Do you have any pets at home?

Yes- I cuddle with them at night (to keep me safe)
No! Never! They scare me!
Yeah, there like a person to me!
Yeah, im hoping someday they take care of those robbers;)
Yeah, I bring them on the walks I go on.

Favorite season?

Summer! The days are longer
All of them.
winter- I always love making snow angels (by myself)
Spring. I guess.
I like all of them, except summer, that is.

Do you keep a lot of stuff that you never use or don't need?

Only my nightlights from past years.
Nope, nothing at all.
I make my room cluttered so I can feel comfortable, I guess.
Locks for ALL rooms
I basically keep everything, you never know what you might need! :)

Favorite color?

Anything but black, ANYTHING BUT BLACK. I mean, I like yellow. :) hehe
No neutral colors, but like green or something

Favorite animal?

None. hate. them. all. :)
Dog. Preferably German Shepherd, Great Dane.
None. But not that I don't like them, I just wouldn't want to see them.... die:(

Favorite TV show?

Care Bears or something bright. Ya know.
Too cute!
Anything happy!
everything but storm chasers:)

Favorite food?

Something else alright?
Ice Cream!
Meat! Steak!
Canned. As long as it keeps me alive during a DANGEROUS event!

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Bright any bright
I just try not to wear brown or orange
I wear dark colors
Whatever I have I guess....
Anything that can make me feel safe out in the open air! hehe

Do you like school

Well not when slide shows are on and the stupid teachers walk over to the light switch thingy and turns the switch down. does that count as an answer ok good
Yesh but not on pet day. not on pet day
Yes! I love my bffs!
No im usually stressed out like ALL THE TIME
well yes and no

Did you enjoy this little test?

Uhm yes?
Can I just say no please?
*no comment*
Lets just move on already
uhmm idk?