Which category do you fit into?

Which category do you fit into?

With modern-day stereotypes, this quiz puts you into the category you belong.

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Out of the following foods, which one appeals to you most?

Pepperoni Pizza
Chocolate Sauce
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Fish n' Chips
Fried Eggs
T-Bone Steak

What do you do at your lunchtime break?

Practice Guitar
Check out hair
Shuffle Off
Physical Activity
Video Games

What would you wear to a party?

Casual jumper, jeans, vans.
Vans, shirt, jeans.
Shorts, shirt, tie, runners.
Leather jacket, jeans, slip-ons.
Shorts, jumper.
T-shirt, jeans.
Checkered shirt, jeans, piercings.
Jacket, t-shirt, jeans.

What music do you listen to?

Motivational Tunes
Video Game Music
Hip-hop and Rap
Techno and Hardstyle
80's and 90's Music
Korean Pop
Club Music

What's the best thing about you?

Can rap and have all my boys to back me up.
Love anime and freak at drawing.
Everybody loves my looks.
Play an instrument.
Top student in the class
Freak at all sports
Got your tag all over the city
Freak at dancing and parties all the time.