what pet are you

what pet are you

Are you a cat, dog, horse or pig which do you think you will be? these are easy questions to answer nothing too hard all you got to do is answer them all

published on October 30, 201319 responses 5
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do you like getting dirty

yes its so nice and fun
no I hate it its so disgusting
its ok but not all the time
yes every now and again I try to get dirty

do you like a lot of attention

yes other wise I get board because I have no one to play with me and laugh at me
no way i'm fine by myself thanks I prefer my own space
no but I do like being with people but not getting attention off them
only if its going to bribe them into giving me food

what is your favourite colour

anything dark

do you like reading

yes its fun and its also my living
no I hate it
its grand not all the time
its all right

do you like animals

yes there my life
no I hate them i'm just taking this quiz for the fun of it
yes I have a dog but he's not my best friend