Would You Rather? (4)

Would You Rather? (4)

Would you rather? Some of the questions might be hard to decide, so think hard!

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I'm gonna start with quite a hard one. Would you rather have no friends or go in public naked for an hour?

Public naked
No friends

Would you rather go to space or get a tattoo?

Get a tattoo
Go to space

Would you rather spend a whole year making up your own riddle or spend a whole year trying to solve a riddle?


Okay here is an easy one... would you rather trade all of your books for a new expensive phone (in this case you wouldn't have to pay money as you are giving away your books) or trade your TV for a years supply of books?

Trade the TV for the books
Trade the books for a new phone

Would you rather have a phone with better texting service or better apps?

Texting service

Do you prefer watching TV or surfing the internet?


Okay here is another easy one. Would you rather commit suicide or die in your sleep?

Sleep, of course!
Suicide, I deserve it

Would you rather run a mile or eat a country pancake? (Trust me you don't want to go for the country pancake, just sayin').

Country pancake, I don't care what you say! (Me: Okay, if you want to eat Cow Poo). o_o
Run a mile!!!!

Would you rather loose a kidney (you CAN live with only one kidney) or a foot?


Last question. Would you rather live in the 60's or go to prison for a year?