are you a early bird or a bones

are you a early bird or a bones

this is for if you want to know if you are a early bird or a lazy bones

published on October 27, 20136 responses 3

do you like to swim or not you are lazy

yes it is so cool it good like
no i hate doing that people pee in the pool yock
i do but i do not do it a lot its cool :)

do you like do get dirty or clean a lot

yes i love doing it i love it a lot
no i would never do that it is mank
no i like being clean instead

do you like being blond or not

yes it makes me so hot
no it makes me dumb and i hate it so much
its okay like i do not love it but i would like if my hair was black or dirty blond

do you like to read

yes it is intresthing and i learn a lot about learnig i like true books
i like tv way better then to read

do you like to sleep a lot

yes i do a lot i am a lazy bones and i dont care
no i do not sleep a lot i get my beauty sleep to