what animal are you (1)

what animal would i be well try this quiz if your animal aint there tough

published on July 19, 201123 responses 8 4.0★ / 5

are you quick?

pretty fast alright
when i go nuts
well i am pretty fast
u couldn't tell i am stealth
well not really


not really
lets say pretty strorng
um ya between pretty strong and powerhouse

light on your feet

not really

attack alone

no i need my mates
like to be not nesscessarily
ya i guess
i can but i prefer my freinds
i guess

more out there or more come find me

well u might see me every now and then
i'm out there
kinda out there but i got nuts when desturbed
i'll find you when you are alone
out there but my minds on the road ahead
find me

what fighting style do you use

go nuts
bull charge
moves / techniques
study and attack any openings
attack hi over and over
attack low over and over

you're about to die because 6 soildiers captured you now what

go nuts on them anyway
charge i'm never about to die
escape when i can
full on flee
try to even the odds
run but come back from behind

your enemy is HUGE so

go for cheap shot and pressure points to weaken them
don't care about size i go crazy
get them down and then unleash all your power
charge into them and punch them
block until you've got an opening
jump on there back when you can the try get him down