what colour are you (2)

what colour are you (2)

this can be any question on anything and will have a colour after it!!!

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do you like getting dirty

yes its my favourite thing to do
no that's disgusting why would I do that
its alright but not too much

do you like sport

yes its class wouldn't have a social life without it
ukk no id would die before id do that
not really but sometimes I play in my back garden but id hate to be In a club
its good enough but wouldn't be a job for me

do you like eating like a horse

yes totally its a nightmare to eat manneraly
no way everyone would laugh at me and its disgusting anyway
its alright I prefer blood though
its good but not in a posh restaurant

do you like books

no sport is my thing
yes but I have to get involved in stuff to play so no
only some!!!(if there a horrow or something to do with blood

do you like swimming

yes its so cool
no I have to also get involved in things and see other people to do that
yes but my swimming togs, goggles and hat have to be pink and pretty

do you like high heels or runners.!!!

runners definately you would brake your legs in high heels
if they weren't that high id pick high heels
I love high heels and hate runners so there is your answer