What type of emperor would you be? (1)

What type of emperor would you be? (1)

Which Emperor would you most likely rule like? Qin Shihuangdi, Julius Caesar, or Darius?

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What would be the important thing to you in your empire?

Your reputation
Creating helpful systems for your empire

Which of the three characteristics describes you best?

Confident and outgoing
Harsh and stern

What do you want your people to think of you?

I want them to fear me
I want everyone, even to lower class, to like me and
think I am a strong leader
I want my people to trust my
decisions and agree with any new system or concept
I may create

Name one major contribution you would want to accomplish if you were an emperor

Create more jobs for the lower class
Create a sturdy tax system
Create many new public works

How much power do you want over your empire?

I want to be the dictator of my empire; have full
I want my empire to be ruled by me along with some
government officials
I want to have a fair system of ruling in my empire, I
don't want to have all the power