What Good luck Charlie character are you? (1)

What Good luck Charlie character are you? (1)

Find out if you are Amy, Bob, PJ, Teddy, Gabe, or Charlie! (Sorry that Toby isn't included, but I'm mad he was born, because it's good luck CHARLIE not good luck TOBY!!!)

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What do you usually do with your cell phone?

Call people. That's what cell phones are for.
For school or work. What?
Heh. Well, sometimes I butt dial...
Well, I call my BFF, boyfriend, text, and play games and
other stuff like that!
My parents banned my cell phone years ago!
I don't have a cell phone.

If you could only save one item what would it be?

Cell phone or a book, whichever is closest.
Spy gadgets.
A purse.
Bag of chips.
My instrument.

You just got invited to a party! What do you wear?

Something that would stand out anywhere!
Regular stuff. :/
I dunno, party clothes??
A cute outfit!
Something that blends in so people won't suspect me after I pull a huge prank. :D

You just got a B on your test!! You...

Smile and proudly show your grade to your parents!
Gasp! That will never happen! I. Am. Going. to. Die. NOW.
So what?
Test? What test?
Loudly blurt, "Teacher! Why? WHY?" and fall to your knees.
Laugh and eat potato chips. (Me: Random!)

What genre of book do you like to read?

Book? Oh. You mean TV. I see. For a moment there you lost me.
Adventure (If I have to read)
Cartoons! (If that's a genre)
Friendship with betrayals and drama.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Play with my toys, hang out.
Do chores, act, plan things.
Food. Food. And more food. And maybe TV. Food.
Practice the musical instrument I play!
Hang out with my friends.
Prank people who's name starts with a D and ends with
a Y.

When and where do you work hard?

At school. During school hours. Yeah.
Planning and doing pranks 24/7.
Um, I don't really know. Sorry.
At anything I want to be better at!
At what I have to do, such as work/chores.
Working for people.

What's one word to describe you?

Nice, loyal, hardworking (wait, is that one?)