Am I a mean person

Am I a mean person

This is to tell you if you are a mean person or not!! I hope your mean!! Sike!! I hope your not!! :) <3 :) Enjoy!!

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When your friend calls you a nerd you....

You tell them that wasn't nice and you are not their
friend anymore!!
Push them down and slap them!!

Would you rather be mean or nice??

I want to be mean and when are you gonna shut the
hell up!!
I want to be nice!!

Have you ever been selfish??

Duhh!! Dumbo I have been selfish get your own damn thing!!
I have I regret it too!! :)
Yes I have but I didn't mean it!!

Do you ever dream you were a meaner/nicer person

Hell yeah I want to be more mean!!
No I think I am just fine at what nice rate I am
Sometimes I wanna be more meaner

Do you think you are mean/nice

Yes I think I am nice
Yes I think I am mean

Are you glad this is the last question??

Yes duhh This boring question
Yes I am it was kind of long