What Kind Of Party Person Are You? (1)

What Kind Of Party Person Are You? (1)

Everybody Loves To Party..So What Kind Of Party Person Are You....Indefinate Results

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At Parties Your All About..

Going Crazy..
Hanging Out..
Watching Everything..Like A Hawk

When The Food Shows Up You..

Run Straight There..
Wait For Someone To With You
Make Sure..That Everything Goes Smoothly
Grab A Plate..
Continue Being Social..Or Waiting For Someone To Talk To..While Getting Food

At Most Parties You

Go Crazy..
Stick With A Friend
Make Sure Nothing Goes Wrong
Start Socializing
Chill Out And Enjoy The Party

Do YOU Think Your A..

Party Animal
Party Pooper

In Your Mind You Think Parties Are Good For...

Just Having Fun
Being Social
Being Crazy...On The Dance Floor