What Big Cat Are You from the Puma Lineage?

What Big Cat Are You from the Puma Lineage?

Three cats. Three clues about the result. Fast runner, North American kitty and the little known one. Can you guess all before getting the result?

published on October 20, 201314 responses 3

How would you treat a younger sibling?

Normally, not pretending to be sweet but not hating as well
Play and have fun with them!
Boss them around and not really get around them

What book series would you rather read?

Something wonder-filled like 'His Dark Materials'
'Warriors'! Action! Hunting and fighting! Yowl!
Anything with pirates! They are at sea and snap at each other!

In a smoothie bar, what flavour do you take?

Something not too strong but not bland either
A banana milkshake! My hero Usain Bolt loves them!
A really strong flavour like orange or watermelon!

What is your fave class in school?

Scinece, I am curious!
Gym of course!
I'm not really all that excited about school

What are you best at in gym class?

I am a pretty strong swimmer
Running of course! I win all the races!
When I have to climb the rope. Try to beat me and -growl-

Do you keep to a certain clique?

No, only with my BFF
Of course! Cliques are so awesome!
No, I tend to be on my own really

What time of the day is better?

Dusk or dawn when I can go and play hide and seek!
Sunshine! Whatever the time I want sunshine!
Night so I can go on amazing walks in the nighttime!

What nickname would you rather have?

Otter or Brownie :)
Lightning! Falcon! Flash!
Mountain Lion :) Maybe even Aqua cause' I love water!

Your worst enemy called you 'Wibbly Wormy'

Tell someone and warn them not to do it again!
What!? Use my awesome quickness to punch him a few times and run away!
Tell him to say it to my face and call him 'Nappy Face!'

What pet would you get?

A cool or cute kitty or hamster
A quirky awesome snake that can strike in a second!
A dog I can snap at and take out on long hikes!

If you could spend a week somewhere in the wild, where would it be?

Maybe an open plain, dry scrub, swamp, savannah or even forest edge, anywhere in South America!
The savannah of Africa where I can run all around!
A hiking place in North America! Or a nice damp lakeside in Florida!

What type of project would you rather do?

Something about animals, they are cool!
About a famous person or sports hero!
A place like the amazing mountains of North America!