What Big Cat Form the Panthera Lineage Are You?

What Big Cat Form the Panthera Lineage Are You?

The world's most known and endangered species of wild cat. Which one are you? A shy timid kitty or a fearsome hunter? Find out!

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What colors would you rather wear?

Bright red and orange with jet-black!
Lighter shades of green and darker shades of yellow!
Dark yellow and maybe light brown
Some nice yellows and browns
White or gray, not too bright
Pure white, nothing bright

Are you a fighter?

Heck ya! I fight all the time! They try to take my territory and I beat em' up!
Yeah, when they offend me and sometimes just strangers that look hostile
I don't have much enemies but I am fearsome when I have to!
I usually chill out but I can really tackle an enemy when I need to!
More of a survivour, I never really get a chance to fight but I can put up a struggle
No! I am pretty peaceful and tend to escape rather than fight

Which one sounds like the perfect den?

A shady but exposed dry place with a pond!
A nice shady lookout point in long grass
A not too exposed dry log over a stream
A leafy sunny branch of a high tree!
An isolated snowy cave or cliff
A hight shady branch of a tree where no one can see me

Are you a hunter?

I am real good but the sunlight gets in my eyes -cough- and I miss only -cough- sometimes
I usually leave that to someone else but I am good when I get a chance
Sure! I can catch a turtle in a pond and crush his shell!
Fairly good. I am even better at dragging it up a tree to hide it!
Of course! I can track down a rabbit in a blizzard!
Pretty good. Enough to feed myself

You best friend is upset. You:

Run to find their enemy and beat him up!
Ask what happened and try to help best you can
Ignore him/her completely. You're a solo artist!
Play a fun prank on them or make a joke
Bring them a snow hare to cheer them up!
Hug them and say it's okay

Who do you spend most of your time with?

My enemy! We fight every single day!
My family and friends. I like to boss them around
Alone really, I'm the king of this place!
With a fun bunch of friends or just chill out alone
Alone or with a really close friend who helps me
Alone. Totally, I'm very shy

How would you describe yourself in one word?


Prey is running low on your territory. Your enemy has plenty to eat and you might just take a peek inside...

Roar! Break in! Steal! Fight!
Challenge him for a good meal!
What?! My kingdom is so big prey never runs out!
Gather a bunch of friends and hunt while one keeps watch
Get a friend to distract him while you steal some prey
Just mind your own buisness and catch whatever is left, I am a good hunter anyways!

Where would you rather try to survive?

Bring it on! A dry desert! A wild forest! The freezing tundra! I am a survivour!
Harsh and dry plains of Africa man!
Gimme the darkest, densest and wettest rain-forest you can!
A sunny spot on a tree and I'm okay
Somewhere isolated and very cold. I like to be alone but I am really tough!
A quiet canopy of the rain-forest with nice sunshine

Are you more of a leader or follower?

Leader! I would fight for control!
Technically the 'protector' but I am really bossy!
I think I would be second in charge but if I don't like something -growl-
I wouldn't really mind but I would be a tough leader!
Preferably follower but always having an opinion!
Follower! I hate to be in charge, I am so nervous!