what kitty are you?

what kitty are you?

In this quiz you will find out what furry feline you where meant to be!

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do you like being inside or outside?

outside in nature
inside buried in my couch/bed
either is good, as long as i have fun!
either as long as we play stylist!

when do you go to bed and get up?

9 pm to go to bed and 9 am to get up
basically all day, got it?
i party all night and sleep all day!

how tall are you?

5 foot
4 and a half
4 foot
taller than all above
shorter than all above

do you work out or play any sports?

i go to the gym every day and play...
sports? gym? are you speaking Russian?
i do not go to the gym but play sports

how often do you bathe/dress up fancy?

i bathe every day and dress up every day
i bathe every day and dress up acasionally
bath time? get me outta here!
yah... whatever!

what type of grades do you usually get in school?

A's B's
B's and C's
awful grades!

do you like going to school?

umm sure

if you like school, why?

i do not like school!
sports and recess!
learning! duh!
my friends!

would you say you are talkative?

let me think about it... YES!!!!
NO!!!! i am way to shy!
sort of

about how many '"friends" do you have?

TONS!!! i am the popular one
NONE!! nobody likes me (aw! i am so sorry!)
a few, just enough!