Is it true love, or just a crush?

Is it true love, or just a crush?

When you take this simple and fun quiz, you will find out if you are loving that guy or if it is just a crush!

published on October 20, 201372 responses 9 4.6★ / 5

If he tried to kiss you, what would you do?

sit there and look confused and surprised
just the norm - a kiss

would you sleep with him?

what the heck, noo!
oh yeah!
um yes! lets get under the sheets!

what would you do if he broke up with you?

cry my face out! then get over it.
who cares!

are you a girl or a boy?

GIRL!!! and i like girls.
GIRL!!! and i like boys.
BOY!!! and i like boys.
BOY!!! and i like girls

what would you do if you had a fight?

depends on what happened
stupid question.

Do you think he might be mean?

yeah! the guy is only human!
no! i put all my trust in that dude.

what do you usually wear?

skirts, plaid, office assistant look
something that shows of a little
what ever i want!
jeans and a tee

what would be the thing that makes you want to break up?

him wearing gross stuff!
being mean
abuse, all sorts of abuse

what do you like in a person?

cuteness / hottness

what did you think of the quiz?

lol.. ok i guess