Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 3

Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 3

Third part is up and you're all in for a special surprise. Who is the blue cat. If you've been wondering that then prepare to find out.

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The girl walked towards you and smiled. Bailey: Hello ____ I am your guardian. Your parents are dead. I'm so sorry but an evil in our world killed them. You started crying. Your mother was always so nice to you and your father would do anything to protect you. Bailey: I'm sorry my name is Bailey.

My parents D,X
My poor parents
I miss them
Her name is Bailey?
I don't really care. me: :O your mean
I have no comment
Come back to us mom!

Bailey put her hand on your face and gave you a warm smile. Bailey: I have to go but we'll see me soon. The next thing you know she disappeared. You rubbed your head and saw that you were in a bed, but it wasn't your bed. In fact the whole room was different. You curious so you went down stairs.

I wonder where I am?
I am in Eggman's base
I wonder if I'll see Bailey again
I want my mommy! DX
I don't really care
Get me out of here!!!

You walked down the stairs and saw Alexis, Julie, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver. Alexis was sitting in the middle of the couch, Julie sat on the arm of the couch, Sonic sat on Alexis left, Tails sat on Alexis right next to Julie on the arm, Knuckles was next to Sonic, Silver was float/sitting in the air, and Shadow was leaning against the wall.

Can you guys see me?
I'm a ghost.. :P me: No your not -_-.
I'm going back to the room. me:*grabs rocket launcher* no your not.
I'm still lost at where I am.
I'm surrounded by idiots. other results: HEY!!
Is Bailey here? me: no sorry.

You listened and heard that the movie "The Call". You saw Alexis eating a kitkat bar and Silver munching down popcorn. The smell of popcorn made you hungry. You grabbed your stomach and continued to watch us. Alexis: Sonic can you get us some more popcorn please? Sonic: Sure. Sonic ran to the kitchen and came back with popcorn. "How'd he make it so fast". You asked. I saw me turn my head over to where you were hiding.

How'd you hear me? me: I'm half bat I have very good hearing
Cool she saw me.
I'm gonna get that echidna!!!
I'm a ninja!! me: no your not.
*tries to keep quiet*
Oh s***

Alexis: The human is up. We all got up and then we heard the roof start to break. Sonic got up and pushed you of of the way before some of the roof hit you. Shadow looked up and growled. You got up and saw a weird man in a cockpit with a red jacket and a mustache. He grabbed you and smiled at us. Alexis: Let her go Eggman!! Eggman sprayed you with a green gas and you passed out. Sorry guys gotta wrap this up bye.

see ya
Later idiots
Bye everyone
... bye
I gotta go see my favorite movie
I need to go my cupcakes are burning!
I'm heading to T.G.I Fridays.