which Xena warrior characer are you?

which Xena warrior characer are you?

Are you clumsy Joxer, Bubbly Gabriel, or Fierce Xena? Take this goofy quiz to find out!

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How are you like in the morning?

You better back off, or get me food
Proubly not, Maybe though, it depends
Rise and Shine

How would you describe yourself?

Mighty, Amazing,and very very cool
Strong willed, so don't mess with me!
Ummm...... proubly....that's a hard one.... I'm just me?

If you were an animal what would you be?

A fierce tige.................Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An innocent bunny!
A monkey

What is your favorite color

Anything Gabby is wearing!!

Do you like to fight?

I'm the mightiest in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I"ll beat you up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, I prefer peace. Oh fine, it can be fun!

What do you do when your not fighting?

I write
I'm always fighting! But I do enjoy fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sing

Are you clumsy?

I guese so
I'm mighty! but fine I do trip. (A Lot)

You've killed someone..............

My life woud never be the same,there would always be a hole in my heart.
I would spend the rest of my life, redeaming myself
I've killed million! O.K maybe not. I would feel pretty bad.

How do you sleap best?

When people leave me alone!
When I know my best friend is close by
No matter what!

Would you kill?

I"ve killd thousands! (Of misquitos)
No, it is wrong. Maybe if it was the only way to save someone I love.
Yes, but only when necisary

Who do you look up to most?

I loooooooooove Gabriele

What is your choice of weapon?

A stick!
Something round and spinning!
Something sort of pointy

What would you wear?

Boots that'll fit knives in them !
Something Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Armor and a chakram

What are you most terrified of?

Spiders!!!! They have to many legs!
Losing a loved one
I don't know. I have bigger fish to fry!