Your school life

Your school life

Who are you at school? Do you act differently at home? Find out what kind of school girl you are!

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When the teacher asks a question in class, what do you do?

Ask if I can go to the bathroom if I get the problem
right. There's time to be killed!
If I know the answer, I'll raise my hand... If I'm 100%
Blurt out, "RAW FISH!"
Smile and look around.
I raise my hand, prepared with the answer! That's what
she wants us to do!

Someone randomly blurts out, "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!" When the teacher is talking. You...

Gasp! Who dared to do such a thing?
Text your friend about it while laughing.
Smile shyly- You're trying to hold your laugh in.
I'm the one who did that!
Immediately break out in giggles.

It's recess time! What do you do?

I go to the playground and laugh at random things with
my BFF.
I write an extra credit report for my teacher.
I race outside and gather around 20 girls while gossiping
about the boys, who are listening in.
Hang out with my close group of friends.
Tell funny jokes out of my jokebook!

What after school club sounds the most fun to you?

Some sort of sport...
Silly Improv
Study Hall!!!!
Dance, gymnastics, AND acting! Awesome, huh?
Writing for the school newspaper.

Your friends describe you as...

Unique, creative, and smart. (Maybe funny :P)
Fun to laugh with and smiley/happy.
Smart and loyal.
Pretty, fashionable, and kind.

Say you finished a test early. What do you do while others finish?

I fluff my hair and make sure everyone sees I'm done.
Take out a book and start reading.
Make Dog noises and mumble, "Booyah" in the person in
front of you's ears.
Giggle at the person behind you, who is mumbling
"Booyah! Woof! Arf!" in your ear.
Ask the teacher if there's any extra credit.

Right when you get home you...

Start your homework.
Take out your magazines. Wow, it's been a long day.
Homework, violin practice, reading, maybe a little TV.
Prank your family.
Stretch and get your giggles out. It's hard to be quiet
in a desk the whole day.

When texting (or emailing) which saying/emotion do you use the most??

Um, I don't text/email.

What do you think about labels? (You know, nerds, popular, stuff like that)

Um, you mean like, HI, MY NAME IS FUNNY?
They're so judging! You can't just think a girl is girly just because they're wearing pink.
I dunno. Is there a right answer?
They're like, TOTALLY FINE!! I'm the one who decides who is a jock, dork, loser. I love having power!
Hate 'em.

What's your favorite literature, or your favorite from each? (Closet to you, this isn't too accurate)

Magazine: Discovery Girls, American girl, Stone soup, or Cricket
Book: It really depends, I guess all.
Audiobook: Same thing as book, really.
Album: Beatles or decemberists
Magazine: Um, none :)
Book: Jokebooks.
Audiobook: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Album: Simpsons, "No", stuff like that
Magazine: Anything silly!
Book: Wendy Mass's books
Audiobook: Wendy Mass
Album: "No"
Magazine: Scholastic news
Book: Textbooks
Audiobook: Don't listen to them
Album: ...
Magazine: 17, anything like that
Book: The Guide to being pretty
Audiobook: Wendy Mass
Album: The newest pop albums

Role Play time! (Also known as RPT) Your sister is singing along to her music while you're reading. You...

Scream at her. I mean, she's SUPER annoying!!
Move to somewhere quiet. Aah. Peace at last.
Sing along to YOUR OWN music. It's a competition!
Giggle. Oh, she can be so weird sometimes!
I don't have a sister/siblings.

What animal do you think you are the most like?

A wise owl.
An elegant cheetah.
A quiet raven.
A laughing parrot.

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