Jacob Or Edward?

Jacob Or Edward?

Which Vampire/Werewolf Best Describes You Is It Edward Or Is It Jacob..

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Be Honest...Don't Lie...

Yes...I Secretly Love Edward
Nope..Im JACOB All The Way

Do You Prefer Vamps Or Werewolfs

Vamps...Theyre The Best
Werewolfs..They Change Form

Do You Idolize Any Charactours


Do You Like The Idea Of More Books?


Do You Prefer Protective Or Not

Depends On The Guy
Well Duh..More Protection The Better
No...I HATE It
Yes..I Love It
No..It Drives Me Crazy

Be Honest...Which One Are You Hoping For?

Jacob..Hes Cute
Edward..Hes Hot
Jacob..Duh..Im Totaly Werewolf
Edward..Im With The Vamps
Niether...Theyre Both Horrible
I Don't Know Whichever

Do You Like Guys That Yell At You When Something Goes Wrong?

No...Theyre Jerks
Nope..Hate Them Kind Of People
Yes...They Help Me See My Wrongs And Rights
No..Im To Good For That
Yes...I Feel Better Knowing What They Think Of Me
No..I Think Its Rude

Do You Like The IDEA...Of These Questions..Being So..Revealing?


In The Movie Who Do You Like Best...Bella Or Renesmee

Bella..Shes Awesome
Renesmee..Shes So Cute