Can you be my hero?

Can you be my hero?

This is a quiz to see if you match my "hero"... so please take this quiz and see... you may recognize some of these question from some where... good luck:)

published on October 16, 201327 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

Would you dance if I ask you to dance?

Yes... absolutely
Yes... even though I am not that good of a dancer...
Maybe... IDK
No... Never

Would you cry if you saw me crying?

No... But I would do anything I could to comfort you
Not at all I am too manly for that... and tell me to stop being a baby

Would you die for the one you love?

No... my life is more important than thiers

Would you kiss away my pain?

Yes... I would do anything for you
No... I would just try to comfort you instead
No I am not that passionate

Would you swear that you'd always be mine?

Yes absolutely
No I don't swear... but I would promise or tell that I would always be yours
No I don't commit

Would you cuddle with me?

No not the cuddling type
Yes whenever you wanted
May be it depends...

Last question.... would you stand by me forever?

Yes... forever