What color are you? (10)

Well, it's my first quiz I hope you enjoy it. Please, no harsh words, because I am a fragile person.

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What color are you? (10)
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Hello, my good people. This is my first q_u_i_z (I'm not asking for followers BTW). How are you today?

You: I'm fine, thanks for asking *smiles*
Me: Well, aren't you a bright dandelion.
You: ...
Me: I see. You aren't much of a talker, are you?
You: Y-yeah. What a lovely day. *tries to smile*
Me: Don't hide the pain. I can take it.
You: I feel as if today has been wonderful.
Me: O.O Such beautiful poetry. What website did you get it from?
You: What's it to you?! *glares menacingly*
Me: Um, I was just... wondering. *hides behind a cardboard cutout*

Well, how about some questions? What is your personality mostly like?

You: ...
Me: Still no talking, huh?
You: My friends see me as a kind girl/boy who loves to share his/her emotions with everyone.
You: Most of the time, th-they say I am too depressed.
Me: *sad face* Awww, hugs?
You: I like to see myself a nice person who is always willing to show others a smiley smile.
Me: Smiley... smile... That's a new one.
You: Didn't I tell you to back off?!
Me: EEP! I'm sorry! *ducks under bed*

What would you range your friends to?

You: Fine, I'll answer. I have a few friends, but no one likes to get close to me.
Me: *comes out from under bed* Awww, hugs?
You: WHY YOU LITTLE... *chases creator*
Me: WAH! Don't hurt me!
You: ... None...
Me: OMG! You talked. *throws a party* CELEBRATE!~
You: I have a lot of friends. I guess I am just likeable!
Me: Man, I wish I had your cheerfulness.
You: *glomps creator* Don't worry. I'm sure it'll rub off on you.
You: I guess I-I have a lot, but I think they only take pity on me.
Me: I'm sure there are some genuine ones who truly want to be your friend.
You: Well, there's that one guy, a girl, him, her, and her-
Me: Okay, I get it! You have a lot of friends.

Um, would you like a cyber cookie?

You: Don't mind if I do.
Me: Otay!~ *hands cookie*
You: Well, I might as well take one, but so help me, don't do anything to piss me off while I eat it.
Me: *gulps* O-of course. *hands cookie, then runs away*
You: Wow, it looks delicious. I can't wait to consume it.
Me: Seriously, do you have a dictionary in your back pocket? *either way, hands a cookie over*
You: Sure.
Me: Yay! Another word. There'll be more cookies if you keep it up! *hands out the cookie*
You: B-but, what if I drop it?
Me: It's okay. I made a bunch of them. *hands a cookie*

Would you like to be my friend even if you don't know me?

You: *takes a deep breath, then says nothing*
Me: I am taking that as a yes.
Me: For what?
You: My cookie was too hot to eat and then I dropped it!
Me: *thinks for a second* RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
You: I would love to be your friend, but I'm not sure how. *gets tear-eyed*
Me: Don't cry! I can teach you what a true friendship is.
You: I would be happy to. Can I have another cookie?
Me: Well, I am glad about the friend thing, but you just ate a whole batch of cookies, so no more for you. *runs away with a tray of cookies*
You: This'll be one of the best friendships ever. I feel so jubilant.
Me: *searches quiztakers pockets* I can't find the dictionary!

Alright, I ran out of thoughts. I hope you liked my q_u_i_z! Come back again soon for another one!

You: Yay! I can't wait for the next one! *is jumping up and down*
Me: See? This is why I took the cookies away.
You: Thanks, but I won't be coming back.
Me: *speechless* You said a whole sentence. I would throw another party, but I don't remember how.
You: I'll be waiting for the next quiz. I can't wait!
Me: Look at that! The sentence was in English.
You: *is already gone*
Me: Well, I was kind of scared of their reply.
You: I'm not su-sure is I want to or not. I'm so confused! *cries*
Me: Awww, come on! Don't cry! *hugs you and starts to cry too*