are you a warrior, apprentice, or leader?

are you a warrior, apprentice, or leader?

find out in this quiz to see what YOU are. du u have the strenght of a leader, or the knowledge of an apprentice?

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Oh No! your clan is being attacked by another clan. what do you do?

run and hide. there are other cats out there willing to fight. just not me.
stand up and fight. I have to help protect my clan.
Lead the cats. tell them where to fight. make sure that no cat dies.

time to go out hunting!

Oh boy! lets go lets go lets go!!!!
the clan needs to be fed. ill go.
everyone must eat before me. i must make sure every cat is well fed.

a sickness has swept through the clan. now what?

i must catch food for the sick. i have to help them through this
gather medicine. put out patrols. make sure each cat gets medicine.

you find out other cats from other clans are stealing your prey! what do u do?

um, tell my leader i guess. im not sure. ???
tell the leader right away. try to stop them.
go to the cats leader. talk to him. take warriors with you.

you fight another clan. but your best friend is in the clan. what now?

stay away from them. no harm done
slash at them. then back off. its for you clan.
fight, fight, fight. it doesn't matter. you have to win.

you know the medicine cat apprentice is in love with another clanmate. what do you do?

nothing. its there problem.
tell them you know. they have to stop.
make sure they don't see the cat secretly. put a stop to it.

you have to train, but your really hungry. mabye u should hunt instead. what do u do?

ummm, i can miss a training session. those are tasty mice.
as much as i want to, no. i have to train. but i want those mice. NO.
train of course. i can eat after my session is done.