What Doctor Who Character Are You?

What Doctor Who Character Are You?

find out what character you are in Doctor Who and something about your character.

published on July 05, 2011117 responses 31 4.4★ / 5

Are bowties cool to you?

I don't really care!!!!!!!
Bowties are not cool, I just shoot them off The Doctor

What of these lines would you be most likely to say?

As long as there are Italians, I'm there
Don't dis the bowtie
Hello Sweetie!!!
I died and became a Roman!!!

Have you ever killed anything???

Unfortunately yes
I'm the one that's being killed

Do you believe in magic??

It's me that is the magic
I didn't used to, but the things that I've seen

Do you have a ginger personality?

I wish
Heck no
Why did you ask this question

What would you do if you had a time machine?

Look for trouble
Visit celebrities
Go to Scotland
Whatever my wife does
Go back to prison, again

Who is your favourite character?

The Doctor because he is knid and caring
Amy because she is funny
Rory because he is loyal and caing.
River because she is mysterious