What good luck charlie character are you

What good luck charlie character are you

take this quiz to find out what good luck charlie character you are! enjoy!!

published on October 24, 201330 responses 10 4.5★ / 5

are u a drama queen

are u a drama queen
not really
kind of to get what I want like
sometimes well allot
I don't think so

do u like playing video games

sometimes with someone but definitely not by my myself
no its a waste of time you should doing homework
no I like shopping and that's it
no I just like watching my brothers
yes its ok but I would not do it all the time

do you like doing drama

no i hate it
yes it is so fun i think im an actress
yes its ok but it wouldn't be my full time job
no exterminating is my thing

who is your favourite character


do you eat all around you

yes I love all types of food
no I like food but not that much
its ok I don't eat that much though
I like food but I love sweets I eat them allot
no I barely even eat

do you like annoying your neighbours

yes obviously its my life
just doing it with my brother for the craic
no it wastes my time I have a social life to worry about
no definitely not its mean
well sometimes with my brothers but other than that no