Which Mortal Instruments Character would you be?

Which Mortal Instruments Character would you be?

Simon, Jace, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle, Clary, Maia, Luke, Jocelyn, Valentine or the Seelie Queen

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what weapon would you use in a fight

bow and arrow
none of the above

what do you do in your free time

play an instrument

how could you help during a fight

fight with a sword
Fight with a bow and arrow
Draw runes
fight using whatever you got
using a specialized weapon
using your skills

what is your pet peeve

to always be hunger
to not be able to have something you want
keeping secrets
not being near someone you love
loving someone
being hurt over and over

you want a girl/boy that...

loves you know matter what
will fight for your life
loves you forever
will not hide his love for you
will give you everything
keeps you interested