are you a good friend? (5)

are you a good friend? (5)

got bored made a quiz hope you like it enjoy! (No hippos were hurt in the making of this quiz)

published on October 11, 201325 responses 5
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how will you act to others?

stay and talk to the elders
hide behind a tree
get ready to attack....

what would you do if your best friend was being attacked?

attack back being careful not to hurt my friend
claw them in the back risking to hurt your friend

are you trustworthy?

not much
most the time
yes i am very loyal

will you attack a person who looks suspicious?

no but i will follow them hiding in the bushes to see what they are up to....
yes who wouldn't?
i might bite them but run

would you kill another to save your best friend?

ermm.... No i would find a way to trick the people and free my best friend
.. yeah whatever? if an elder yeah why not