Which Taylor Swift song are you?

Which Taylor Swift song are you?

Which Taylor Swift song are you most like. Take this quiz to find out!

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How do you feel about you're boyfriend or crush?

I like the one I have now, but I do kind've miss my last one.
I wish he'd realize he's with the wrong girl and come to me.
I'm wish he'd talk to me and realize what we could be.
I'm trying to forget about him.

How does you're crush or boyfriend contact you?

He comes to my house.
Through the window of my house because he's right next me.
He doesn't, but I wish he would.
I don't associate with him anymore because it's to easy to remeber everything we had.

Do you're parents like you're crush or boyfriend?

They love him.
They don't really talk about him much.
They don't know I like him.
They did. But he's gone now.

Are you close with you're crush or boyfriend?

I guess.
No. He doesn't even know I like him.
I was.

Did you like this quiz?

Yes, because it's the only thing I've done without my boyfriend this week.
It was OK
It was the only thing better to do.