Ae you ready to get a horse?

Ae you ready to get a horse?

Have you always wanted a horse to call very your own?If so take this quiz to find out

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Were would you keep your horse?

In my friends barn
My barn and in my yard
Well--------idk yet

How much time could you spend with your horse?

30 min a day
1-3 hours a day
45 min maybe.
20 min

Can you afford the food,vet care,and other stuff?

how much is it?(me about 2.500 for the horse and about 3.000 a year

Quick what is a farrier?

some one who cleans the horse
Some one who cleans the hoofs
some one who replaces the horse shoe
What dose this have to do with horses?

Can you ride.

Yes since I was under 7 years
No but a can ride a bike
Just learning but my rideing teacher says im a pro at it.
Well I grew up with horses
No i can't Sorry