What MLP Character are you? (1)

What MLP Character are you? (1)

Just a simple quiz so you can know which character you are. My little pony is a really hit show, so now you can find out which character you are!

published on October 07, 201316 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

There is a bit of food on your piano and someone is playing it. Would you clean it no matter what?

That would be fun!

Your friend, or anyone, even an animal, is going to fall, die, or even fall off a cliff. You're being watched by a lot of people.

I've got ten seconds more, I'll think about it.
I'd teleport there as fast as possible.
I just need to finish having fun!

You almost finished working on a powerful potion, that you have worked since you were a filly. A friend needs help. Would you help him/her?

Yes, I'd do it immediately.
I need to pick the appropriate outfit for that.
I'd do that with all the pleasure.
I'm not an unicorn, silly filly!

Would you get your hearts' desire, but in exchange, losing your friends?

Is it fun? Nope! It's not fun to betray your friends!
I wouldn't, but it would take me some time to think about it.

I've got nothing.

Would you like a hat?
I'd give you an apple.
I'll invite you to my party!
I'll teach you how to fly!
I'd give you this cute owl I have here.
I will teach you the meaning of life.