Sleepover With 1D *Part 2*

Sleepover With 1D *Part 2*

Okay, So i know i should have put this up sooner and I haven't gotten to it but here it is! Be ready :D

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Hehe! Hi! I'm glad you guys liked the first one!!! Ready for part 2?

Yeah buddy!

You get caught in Harry's gaze. He leans in slowly.
Y/N: "hey, ummm. We better get back."
You say as you step back.
Harry: "huh? Oh, right."
He looks down and bites his bottom lip and you both walk down.
Louis: "we should play truth or dare!"
You smile.
Y/N: "sounds fun!"
Louis: "okay Y/N, choose someone and ask Truth or Dare :)"
Who do you want to pick?

Liam please!
Zayn, there...I want Zayn...
Little Nialler since he didn't get to help me with my bags.
Why the obvious....Louis.

Y/N: "Liam!"
Liam looks at you kinda surprised looking.
Y/N: "Truth or Dare?"
Liam: "Dare"
You smile and think...
Y/N: "I dare you to kiss me!"
You see Harry's jaw drop and Liam looks surprised. The others look kinda jealous. He nods and you get close to each other. You both kiss, it was quiet passionate. You both break the kiss and get back to your spot. You smile at Liam.
Louis: *clears throat* "how bout we watch a movie!"
You all settle down and put in the movie 'Love Actually'
Who do you wanna sit by?

Harry, I'm so sorry!
Zayn. Plain and Simple.
Louis! it was just a dare! it's not like i meant it!
Liam! Because him and I are meant to be! Duh!

You sat beside Zayn.
Y/N: "hey, why so quiet?" *whispers*
Zayn shrugs.
Zayn: "why did you dare Liam to kiss you?"
Y/N: "Zayn, it was just a dare. Like if I chose you, you would have no problem"
You fold your arms.
Y/N: "are you mad?"
Zayn: "well, I wouldn't be if-"
Zayn got cut off from what he was saying by Harry.
Harry: "hey, Y/N why don't you come with me to get some more popcorn. Niall ate it all"
You laugh.
Y/N: "sure!"

Anything for you Harry!
haha! Niall, that's so cute! ^-^ damn quiet. Be LOUD! :3 haha
Liiiaaammm iiisss mmmiiinnneee!
No Zayn! Don't be mad!

You walk into the kitchen with Harry.
Harry: "so why did you dare Liam to kiss you?"
He puts the popcorn in the microwave and looks at you.
You roll your eyes.
Y/N: "why is everyone on my ass about that!"
Harry: "oh sorry, I was just asking"
The microwave beeps. Harry comes closer to you.
Harry: "do you love him?"

no (Harry)
yes (Liam)
maybe... (Zayn)
Who cares? I'M A SEXY NINJA! (Louis)