Which Glee character are you?

Are you like Rachel, Finn, Mr Shoester, Quinn, Kurt, or Santana? This quiz helps you find out.

published on July 03, 201168 responses 11 4.6★ / 5

Are you a good singer?

Really good!
Im good.
Im pretty good.
Im kinda good
Im alright.

You (are)...

Used to be married.
With someone. Im a guy.
Im gay.
In a relation ship. Im a girl.
Im lesbian.
Im single

Are you on a football team or cheerleading?

Cheerleading. Im head cheerleader.
Just glee club.
Glee club...
Football team.

Are you popular?

No, people don't really like me. ):
Yep, a popular girl.
Im not in school.
Yea, a popular boy.

Are you good at dancing?

Well, I'm O.K.
Not really. I'm an alright singer though.
Im pretty good.
No, I stink. I can sing really good though.
Yes, I am very good.
I can, just not really known for it.

Are you smart?

Yes. I'm one smart dude.
Yes. I'm one smart girl.
I dont know.
Not really.
Im kind of smart.
Well I got through college, so yes.