Harry Potter Life Year 1

Harry Potter Life Year 1

Welcome to Hogwarts! In this quiz, you will meet new friends, get sorted, and have some adventures of your own.

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When you arrive to the Hogwarts express, your stomach lurches. What are you doing?

Smiling a gigantic smile and boarding the train.
Introducing yourself to new people. Maybe you'll make new friends!
Muttering "It'll be ok, It'll be ok," to yourself. You just need some reassuring.
Looking around and giving each person a nickname.
Hiding in the shadows... You're not very outgoing...
Um, going on the train. Duh! :D
Shooting daggers (with your eyes) at your enemy. He just stole your lunch!
Giggling with your BFF.

You just got on the train! Where will you sit?

Um, maybe with Ginny or Hermione.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione! :P
Anywhere, I guess. I'm not going to socialize on the ride... Well, maybe a little. I just want to read. And, maybe, socialize. Heh heh!
In either the front or the back compartment. You want the best seat.
In the back.
Next to someone who needs a friend. :)
I have no idea.
With my BFF!

Finally the train takes off. What's the first thing you do?

Change into your uniform. You are a organized person.
Introduce yourself to the person next to you.
Get some TREATS!
Chatting away like I have no cares in to world.
Laughing... About something. Anything! :D
Staring out the window.

The train stops. You...

Get off?
Gather your belongings.
Smile at your friends and announce, "We're here!"
Nervously step out of your compartment.
Take a deep breath.
Start to bounce up and down! You cant help it; You're excited!
Try to catch a glimpse of the school.

You just got into Hogwarts. What are you thinking?

Wow, this place is HUGE!
Peeves! Aah!
Oh. Ok. This will do...
Wow. I am in love.
I am so happy! I have been looking forward to this day forever!
I am sooo nervous but excited! Squeee!
I'm here...

It's time to get sorted. The hat calls your name. "Hello!" it says. "Now, what house do you want to get?"

"Hufflepuff. :D"

"Ok... What kind of person are you?"

"I'm kind."
"I'm funny!" :P
"I'm intelligent."
"I'm shy."
"I'm smart."
"I'm creative."
"I'm fun! Booyah!"
"I'm a good, honest person."

"Cool. Now, wait a second. Hmm... You seem like a nice... Gryffindor?"

No. Please, no.
Ok. :)

"I've made my decision. You are in..."

*holds breath*