What Role Would You Play in a Movie?

What Role Would You Play in a Movie?

Would you play the lead role, the back up main characters (like the lead role's best friends), the enemy, the family of the lead role, the lead role's true love/ crush/ gf or bf, or would you be the backup characters such as teachers, or would you just be an extra?

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Are you mean or sweet?


You are invited to this party that goes on all night and it is really hard to get invited to. However, it is a school night and your parents don't know where it is or who is hosting it but it is really hard to get invited to and they only do it once a year. What do you do?

Moan and complain and keep on annoying them.
Sneak out when my mum and dad are asleep.
Beg and beg and beg until my parents finally give in and let me go.
Just stay at home.

What describes you best out of these?

Evil/ daredevil/ mean.
Kind/ sweet/ warming/ welcoming.

You are always....

Getting invited to places!
Giving away cupcakes and cookies!
Trying to take over and butt in!
Forcing people to do the right thing!
Getting asked out!
Doing nothing!/ Being normal!

You see your friends being bullied. What do you do?

Go and tell them off and call them horrible names.
Go and beat them up!
I join in the bullying.
I tell the head-master or a teacher!
I go and chase the bullies away then ask if the person is okay and try to make them feel better.
I walk away...

Do you think you could play the lead role?

Definitely not.

Who are the best characters in Harry Potter?

What is the movie called? Harry of course!
Ron and Hermione!
Voldemort and Bellatrix and all the other death eaters!
James and Lily and Sirius Black!
Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys!
The Hogwarts staff/ I haven't seen Harry Potter

Someone you know works in a restaurant, how does this change things when you go to that restaurant?

It changes things a lot because they let me take my meal for free.
They don't charge me for dessert or drinks.
It doesn't change anything, the person I know thinks I am mean.
They take the price down for me by 80%.
I don't know anyone who works in a restaurant so things stay the same.

They make a new Twilight movie, but the entire cast died in a plane crash and they need a new cast. You are starring in it. Who would you most like to play?

Jacob Black, Jessica Angela, Eric or Mike.
Someone from The Voltouri
Charlie, Renesmee or Renee.
Edward Cullen!
Eh... probably another Cullen or one of the werewolves.

So, you think you should best play...

The lead role
The lead role's best friend/s
The evil enemy!
The family of the main character!
The lead role's true love
Eh, probably one of the backup characters or an extra!