Which flavor of ice cream suits you the best

Which flavor of ice cream suits you the best

Are you a honest chocolate? an active mint ting a ling? A crazy birthday cake? A go with the flow vanilla? Or a romantic Cran Bruele? Take this creamy and milky quiz to find out!!!!

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What is you're dream animal?

Hopefully my allergies clear up for a kitty scent to go through my nose without me sneezing...ACHOO!!!
A zebra or elephant, Actually now that I think about it, is that even legal?
A fluffy pet puppy that has golden fur.
a bullfrog!!!LOL

Why did you choose the user name you have?

it's my BF's name.
The first thing that came to me

What is you're NEED TO KNOW name?

my name
Alisha Keys

You're dream job is....

a designer
a famous someone
a doctor
are there any other answers?
Let me think....???
still ????

favorite city to travel to.... [passport please]

London, England
The concession stand
the boardwalk empire