Where will I be in 20 years time?

Find out where your ambitions and personality will take you. What do you want from life, and are you going about it in the right way?

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What are your main interests currently?

Mainly money, quite into that 'office' look .
I don't really have that many interests, but my hobbies are mainly tv or hanging out with friends
Interests, haa. I just try get through the day awake.
My boy/girlfriend. I am obsessed with him/her and I just know we are going to get married
My dream job. It's really all I think about.
My sex life. How many guys or girls I can get with every week. Gender doesn't really matter so long as they're fit.
I like to do a mixture of things from playing instruments and have a social life but I am also interested in my work and enjoy it a lot.

At what age do you intend on settling down to have kids.

Oh as soon as I find my soul mate.
I don't really know to be entirely honest.
Well I would like to get a job going first, but as soon as that's done, II guess when I meet the right person who I really like.
Kids? erm thats not really on my mind at the moment. I'm more focused on my studies, and even when I do have kids, it may not be until I have been working for a long time.
Considering I probably won't be able to afford protection I guess not too long- that is if anyone will go for me.
Kids? Well I want my 2 children to look good on my behalf that I am a family wo/man, but I don't really care when. I'm happy so long as I don't have to really communicate with them until they are a little older and presentable in public.
Well I don't really mind, so long as the partner is happy to look after them, I don't have to marry the guy/girl, and I am not committed. I'm happy for the lucky kid to have my genes.

How do you believe that money should be spent

Money doesn't really interest me, its doing what I really love that satisfies me, and I like to use my money doing that.
I'm not really sure. A little here, a little there
Not in excess, but once in a while a treat is nice.
Whenever, whatever. I love to spend money, even money I don't really have
Well so long as it's being spent on me, I'm happy. Flash lifestyle all the way for me.
Saving money is essential.
Well it is important to spend money to keep the house looking nice and the family happy. To look nice and presentable.

What is important when choosing a career path

How much it pays. What is a job with a bad salary?
Ensure it pays enough to support a family, and the hours are flexible so you can spend time with those loved ones.
Something you really like that pays decent.
Career path? phaha I don't need to decide that, that will sort itself out.
Studying in university because you love your subject and you just want to learn all you can about it
I don't know.
One that will give me some sexy connections to hang out with in my free time ;)

What is important in a partner?

They look after the kids and do all the chores, after all my job is strenuous and I should have someone who I can rely on when I get home from work
Someone who I like. Doesn't matter about anything else because money isn't important to me at all.e
Who cares really. I'll just decide when a person I like enters my life.
Someone kind and caring. But I must also find them attractive.
Someone who will provide a stable and perfect home loving and caring for my children to grow up in.
Partner? woahh I'm not thinking about that yet... still got my career ahead of me.
Sexyyyyyyy ;)

How would you describe yourself

Studious and very interesting.
Well I'm a bit of a mix really. I like to have a balanced lifestyle.
Hot and overall, quite cool
I'm not too clever. Not really any ambitions, but I just like to see where life takes me
I am very proper. I am kind and caring and just want a nice settled life.
I would say that I'm ... erm ... not sure currently. Lol
Definitely motivated by money. It just makes sense to me.

Where do you want to live?

A nice cosy house really.
Nice place in town. Modern place obviously.
Not yet decided really
In a nice apartment with those sofas and tvs and beds you see on the telly
Nice house in a friendly neighborhood preferably.
Hmm, where would the money to buy the house come from?
Well I would live in my workplace if I could. I just love my job soo much!!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I don't care so long as I'm rich
At a romantic hotel in Paris with the love of my life. He will propose.
Rich and loaded with 50 girlfriends
Studying really. Im just so interested in this thing...
Asleep really.
With a nice family and a nice job I enjoy.
How am I supposed to know. eh?